At the Forefront

Artistic Branding & More                   by Daniel C. Garcia

 Hello, and welcome to my site! here at Artistic Branding & More, you will find new ways  of branding your logo, your property and your vision! I am a professional relief wood carving Artist of thirty years, from a family of traditional Cuban wood carvers. As an Artist, I have created Thousands of reliefs and hundreds of commissions over the years. I am very excited to share a few break thru concepts with you and your company!


Branding Lourvers

  The first, I call my ''Branding Louvers''. I take a louver shutter, then turn it horizontally and carve your companies logo on it. On the other side, I carve the exact image of your headquarters, or the image that you are trying to brand, motto even your mission statement. Then, I paint them to look real. The relief carving makes the image appear to look realistic in 3D. Once it hangs on the wall, if opened, it can show both sides as the client walks by, entering and leaving the room or office, but, when closed, each side can be clearly be seen. Creating a branding experience, a memorable experience! Also you can choose, that the logo side can be signed by all, making it a interactive branding board, for all satisfied clients to proudly sign with metallic makers. The largest I have done, is 6.5 ft. x 3 ft., I would love to do an entire wall! I make all sizes, giant, to large, medium and small.

 Branding Chillers

 The second concept is what I call ''Branding Chillers''. I take mini oak wine barrels 7 in x 5 in and carve your logo , on one side, then carve on the other, your headquarters or property you would like. Its  a functioning wine bottle chiller, comes with a re-useable ice pack, that you can place inside at the bottom, and actually chills the bottle, to toast  to your new deals and accomplishments! this product as well as the branding louvers concept can be 3d printed and duplicated to look exactly like the original. I could accommodate any order!

 Branding Doors & Furniture

 The third concept, I like to call my '' Branding Doors & Furniture''. This is where I could carve your door or all of your office doors, with your the logo, motto, mission statement even an image of properties or theme that compliments the room .I would love to carve an entire room. This allows me to take a small space and make it look like a large space! I would love to try this concept with bars and restaurants! it would be carved on wooden panels that fit together. then if you ever move. you could take it with you. Not only do I carve  working doors, but conference tables with your companies logo, coffee tables, end tables , even plaques. Turn around time from order to delivery is a couple weeks to a few months, depending on complexity of projects.

 I have packages available for each companies needs, mix and match, even a Branding Chillers starting at $300 (retail $500). Please call for a  free quote, anytime! I have worked with a variety of companies to fit their needs, from Interior designers, law firms, dentists, and realtors, and many others. I can't wait to work with your company, and bring your vision to life!

 As a professional Artist, I also specialize in house portraits, family portraits, family crests, pet portraits, and I even create specialty pieces, that are special moments ,carved and painted to look realistic! All I need is an image to work from. So please take a look at my examples in my portfolio and browse my shop for original carvings for sale.


 I strive for to create your vision and bring a smile to your heart!                              Daniel C. Garcia