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Daniel C. Garcia

I am a professional relief wood carving Artist of thirty years, from a family of traditional Cuban wood carvers. As an Artist, I have created Thousands of reliefs and hundreds of commissions over the years. I am very excited to share a few breakthrough concepts with you and your company!


 Daniel Garcia has been perfecting his skill in bas-relief and full sculpture since the age of eight.  Heavily influenced by his family of traditional Cuban wood carvers, Daniel has continually broadened his carving gifts by taking this art form to a new level.  


His work has been featured at the Miami Beach Home Show, the New Orleans Home Show,  Miami Beach Art Show, the Degas Museum, the Miami Beach Deco Museum, News with a Twist and the Louisiana Home & Garden publication.


Daniel’s incredible artworks are displayed in hotels, famous night clubs, corporate offices, the San Carlos Institute in Key West( Smithsonian Museum affiliate), the Vatican and in private residences throughout the world. The collectors include former president George W. Bush, Archbishop Dolan, Jim Belushi, Samuel Jackson and Mayor Dermer of Miami Beach.


Daniel has made specialized unique series in New Orleans, Miami, Key West, Las Vegas and Los Angeles and San Jose. 

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